Laminated Hollow Tempered Glass

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Hollow laminated glass is a kind of insulating glass, which is a combination of insulating glass and laminated glass. It is composed of three or more pieces of glass and is widely used in buildings such as curtain walls. The glass and the glass are kept at a certain interval, the air is dry in the interval, and the periphery is wrapped with a sealing material, thereby being processed into an insulating glass. 

There are three production methods of the insulating glass: a bonding method, a welding method and a welding method. Due to the limitation of cost and process complexity, building insulating glass is basically produced by bonding method. The bonding process is further divided into simple sealing and double sealing. Simple sealing is horizontal production. First place a piece of glass on the platform, place the aluminum alloy spacer on the glass plate, and place the other glass on the aluminum strip. After the position is adjusted, use manual or glue. The machine is edge-sealed, and the sealing material is polysulfide rubber, which is to be tested after leaving the factory. It is generally said that the simple sealed insulating glass is a hand-bonded insulating glass, and an aluminum alloy strip is observed on the side. Insulating glass can have a variety of different optical properties. 

The visible light transmittance ranges from 10% to 80%; the light reflectance ranges from 25% to 80%; and the total transmittance ranges from 25% to 50%. Insulating glass has excellent thermal insulation properties. Under certain conditions, its thermal insulation performance is superior to that of concrete walls. According to statistics, some European countries use insulating glass to save 40 to 50 L of fuel oil per m2 per year compared to ordinary single-layer windows. Insulating glass has excellent sound insulation performance, and its sound insulation effect is usually related to the type of noise and sound intensity. 

Generally, the noise can be reduced by 30 to 44 dB, and the traffic noise can be reduced by 3 to 38 dB, that is, the street car noise can be reduced to The quiet level required by the school classroom. Louver insulating glass is a new energy-saving product that installs louvers in insulating glass. Venetian blinds are a kind of traditional heat-insulating products. Insulating glass is a kind of heat-insulating product formed in recent years. It combines traditional blinds and hollow glass into one body, and realizes the operation of louvers by magnetically controlling the closing device and the lifting device. This saves space and inconvenience, and also makes the glass door and window have good shading performance, improves the insulation performance of the insulating glass, and improves the indoor light environment.

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